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Join the Coalition:  The TRANSFORMATION to 21st Century POLICE TRAINING BEGINS HERE!

Inspiring Hope

May the families of Portapique and Canada as a whole including our officers take heart from this opportunity to enhance the police profession.

Panelists and Moderator

(These are a distinguished group.)   

   Kent Roach QC, Professor of Law, UToronto

   Eli Sopow PhD, Professor of Business,   Univ Canada West

   Sandra McCulloch LLB, Partner at Patterson Law

   Norm Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Community Safety and Wellbeing, MODERATOR


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  The families lobbied hard to achieve a commission of inquiry.   

Now they need hope that change will happen; that recommendations will be acted upon.

For that we need your help!

Be a part of achieving the $3000 goal for the Inspiring Hope Fund.  Give monthly and please given what you can:  $20, $50 or even $250!

The Commissioners have done their work; they have dissected carefully the events of the massacre in Portapique, Nova Scotia and surrounds on April 18th-19th 2020.  The Commission received testimony from civilians, experts and RCMP officials. They created over 100 recommendations to improve upon the response to the massacre.

The Commissioners recommend a transformation in police training with national standards to govern curriculum that is based on the best evidence and that matches the needs of our police officers in Canada in the 21st Century.


We have plans for the students:  Social media design and posting.  Video editing.  Website work.  Administrative tasks. Supporting the development of plans for a conference in 2024 if approved by the board. We have plans for brochures, booths at conferences and more webinars.

Please be a part of achieving the $3000 goal with your gift.  Give what you can:  $20, $50 or even $250!  

Give monthly or make a one time gift. Click here!

We will make great use of your donation and we will report back about the impact.

Thank you kindly!

Dave and John

President and Vice-President 

Coalition for Canadian Police Reform



Recording available to members & registrants

Webinar 5

Successful Police Communication: The effect of organizational structure and culture.


Recording available to members & registrants

Webinar 1

The Future of Canadian  Policing

Panel members

Kent Roach QC, Professor of Law, UToronto

Chief Evan Bray, Regina Police Service

Michael Kempa PhD, Criminology Professor, UOttawa

Moderator:  Devon Clunis, frmr Insp. General of Police

Kent Roach QC, Professor of Law, UToronto


Recording available to members and registrants

Webinar 2

Current Concepts for Police Education and Professional Development


Recording available to

members & registrants

Click to view

Webinar 3

Indigenous Policing in Canada

Issues and Successes

Recording available to Everyone!

Please donate or join.

Webinar 4

Trauma Informed Policing:

How to benefit officers AND the people they serve

Jill Parker M.Ed MSW, retired police officer, Counsellor,  Moderator

Renae Stevenson MA CMPT, retired police officer, Clinical Counsellor

Dan Jones  M.Crim (Cantab) retired inspector, PhD Candidate

Leisa Shea MA MC retired police officer, Clinical Counsellor, Instructor

Our Vision

Canadian policing is recognized for service to the public through its adherence to best in class standards of evidence-based education of police recruits and professional development of officers.

National standards for training are adopted across Canada.  The College's national officer certification criteria are universally adopted.


To achieve the creation of the Canadian College of Professional Policing through the education of community representatives, police practitioners, academics and government officials. 

  • To educate Canadians about police training, standards of training and professional practice  

  • To impart that education using knowledgeable presentations by scholars and qualified experts applying best principles of adult education

  • To continually assess and improve our training methods

Who Are We?

The Coalition for Canadian Police Reform is Canadian Registered Charity. Our goal is to educate Canadians about the need for professionalization of policing through national standards and a 21st Century curriculum.

There is overwhelming evidence of a need for transformation in how police officers in Canada are educated and trained.   We bring together relevant stakeholders – citizens representing all parts of Canada and representing the diversity of our nation, police, researchers and politicians  – to discuss what police officers need to know to effectively police in the 21st century.  We believe that citizens reflecting the diversity of Canada should have a part to play in the police recruit curriculum.

We are NOT about defunding.  


Social Media Volunteer to post on one of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

NEW:  Video editor to create shorts from our webinars

Website Manager Volunteer

Corporate Secretary Volunteer:  Do simple minutes for the Board Meetings 4x per year

FILLED with 3 new volunteers:  Current News Volunteer: Scrape the net for policing articles

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We can't accomplish anything without your help.

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We acknowledge that we are on the traditional territories of the many First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.  An important step in reconciliation is our acknowledgment of traditional land.

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